China: Hollywood Studios Still Face Headaches

“Monsters University” and “Pacific Rim” take Hollywood Film Awards Honors

(Although even they can’t command the type of backend that superstars of yore once collected — i.e., 20 percent of “first-dollar gross.”) PHOTOS: The New A-List: 23 Salaries From Angelina Jolie to Robert Downey Jr. Revealed It’s one of the curious paradoxes of contemporary Hollywood: The more it searches for the next big talent, the more it relies on the tried-and-true to generate box office. On the one hand, there’s a brilliant generation of up-and-comers, toplining Oscar bait like Silver Linings Playbook and franchises like The Hunger Games. On the other hand, there’s a veteran stable of stars actually getting the big paychecks, particularly in their proven genres. True, the new A-list occasionally has made megabucks with franchises: Daniel Radcliffe and his Hogwarts horde earned $20 million apiece for the final Harry Potter installment, the same amount Kristen Stewart and her undead pals made for the final Twilight. But none of them has been able to garner anything like that money outside their big-brand series — or even prove they have the star wattage to carry non-franchise films. Hence, Denzel Washington earned $20 million for 2 Guns, while his younger co-star, Mark Wahlberg, earned about half that fee. Yet both are trusted by distributors to bring in an audience where it matters most: the foreign market, where few younger stars have proved their mettle. (Wahlberg will start catching up to Washington with the next Transformers, one of the biggest international successes in recent years, for which he’ll be paid in the $16 million to $18 million range.) Starlets’ Pecking Order: Who Gets Offered Roles First Joining Washington in the $20 million club are such middle-aged (or close to) men as Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith (though even Smith only took about half that for the disappointing After Earth, which was toplined by his son). Both have been making films for decades and have shown their ability to weather a flop or two. Similarly, Daniel Craig might enter the $20 million club when he reteams with director Sam Mendes for another James Bond thriller — roughly $3 million more than he received for Skyfall — and even he is now 45. And like all franchise stars, his fee plummets when he isn’t playing Bond, to the $5 million range. When his reps sought a significant pay bump for a Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel following Skyfall, Sony balked, and the project languishes. Proven genre, more than anything else, has become the determining factor in pay for both the established set and rising stars. Jennifer Aniston can earn $5 million — but only in a comedy –after hitting big unexpectedly with We’re the Millers.

But, during the entire tournament I was obsessed with Novaks super lean body this guy appears to have zero body fat. I know Novak switched to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet to supercharge his body. Healthy Hollywood got a chance to meet Novak and he said as an elite athlete your body is top priority. I have to be Im a pro athlete. You got to take care of your body and what you eat and drink and obviously be very disciplined in your daily regimens to have a shot at being the worlds best. As for his loss to his rival, Nadal, Novak humbly replied, Its been a tough loss. Not the first time and not the last time Im going to lose. It happened yesterday. Its been a great tournament, but already today Im focused on the fundraiser event and having a beautiful evening. Healthy Hollywood caught up with Novak at his second annual fundraiser for the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Besides being an on-court champ, the Serbian native is an incredible humanitarian off-the-court. He started his own charity to help the people from his war-torn home country. Novak is extremely grateful for the opportunity hes had to even learn tennis a rarity in his country. I come from a war-torn country thats been through a lot of difficulties in the last 25 years. Im very privileged and fortunate to be given the opportunity to play tennis.

The Hollywood studios maintain they have little advance notice of dates, that slots change suddenly, and that many movies dont fulfill their potential because they are intentionally programmed in close proximity to each other. And even though the studios now conduct marketing alongside China Film, the murkiness of release dates makes it is difficult to build sustained promotional campaigns, which in turn makes media-buying tricky. SEE ALSO: Chinese Hit Tiny Times Taps Internet Generation Via Audience Research Moreover, the Film Bureau still appears to be operating blackout periods, in which foreign films are not allowed to open. While this years summer blackout was comparatively limited, the studios expect October and December to be largely out of bounds for their films. December sees the release of at least three big Chinese films Police Story 2013, starring Jackie Chan in the sixth film of the franchise; Feng Xiaogangs Personal Tailor; and The Monkey King with Chow Yun-fat. The job of the studios Beijing offices remains, crucially, a lobbying effort, trying to persuade China Film and the Film Bureau which pictures to pick for import. And although the quota has expanded from 20 revenue-sharing movies per year to 34, with the additional titles being in 3D or Imax formats, gaining entry into China does not appear to be getting much easier. China Film seems to be intent on cherrypicking movies that do well at the U.S. box office rather than choosing evenhandedly among all of the studios offerings. And Chinas government organizations arent the only ones that have been dogging the studios. In April 2012, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sent a letter of inquiry to 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks Animation and Disney regarding their dealings with the Chinese government. The SEC was probing the possibility of bribes paid to Chinese officials by the Hollywood companies looking to secure distribution.

Healthy Hollywood: Novak Djokovic’s Big-Hearted Mission!

Novak Djokovic attends The Novak Djokovic Foundation New York Dinner at Capitale on September 10, 2013 in New York City

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