Christina Aguilera On Her Curvy, Controversial Figure: ‘i Got Tired Of Being A Skinny, White Girl’

Christina Aguilera vs. Shakira: Which Voice Coach’s Dark Streaks Do You Prefer? (PHOTOS)

At least, that’s what reports quoting the pop star have said, though the quotes have now been proven fake. “The Voice” judge, who is set to release her new album “Lotus” in November, reportedly opened up to the Sept. 29 issue of Billboard magazine to set the record straight once and for all about her curves. PHOTOS: CHRISTINA AGUILERA’S BODY EVOLUTION The only problem being that the singer never even made the empowering statements. “I told (my label) during this ‘Lotus’ recording, ‘You are working with a fat girl. Know it now and get over it,'” the “Your Body” singer reportedly told the magazine. “They need a reminder sometimes that I don’t belong to them. It’s my body. “My body can’t put anyone in jeopardy of not making money anymore – my body is just not on the table that way anymore.” Us Weekly initially reported the Billboard magazine interview quotes, but a rep for the singer has since denied their existence. “She never said them,” Aguilera’s rep told Entertainment Weekly of the statements. The quotes, in which the singer recounts being told to lose weight or risk her career, do not appear in either the online story or the print publication. Joe Kohen/WireImage Though she is often seen as a blond-haired, blue-eyed white singer, Christina Aguilera is actually Ecuadorian. Another quote that was widely published but does not actually appear in the Billboard story addresses how her music label supposedly told her to shed the weight. “During the promotion of my album ‘Stripped (in 2002), I got tired of being a skinny, white girl,” she is quoted as saying. “I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl.


Shakira: Which Voice Coach’s Dark Streaks Do You Prefer? (PHOTOS) full size Credit: George De Sota/John Li Voice coaches Christina Aguilera and Shakira have a lot more in common than we think. Not only are these fierce divas Grammy award-winning moms, but theyve both had similar tastes when it comes to style especially in the hair department. Check out this side-by-side flashback photo of the ladies almost 10 years ago. In 2001, the Hips Dont Lie singer jazzed up her blonde locks with several black streaks, while in 2012 the Beautiful crooner donned similar black lowlights during her Dirty phase. We will never forget those days So, who do we think wore this style best? While we have to give both ladies credit for being able to pull off their rocker-chic dos (who knew that blonde hair with black streaks were so common among these ladies?), we think that Shaki definitely has this look in the bag. Being a naturally dark-haired woman, Shakiras able to pass off darker hues with her golden blonde hair. Though Xtina does look edgier than normal with this colored coif, we totally prefer her all-platinum locks any day of the week. Who do you think wore this rocker do best? Sound off below! Afiya Augustine is an associate editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Google+ !