Christina Aguilera Shows Off Major Weight Loss, Skinny Body At The Voice Event

Lady Gaga Apologises To Christina Aguilera Over Comparisons And Says She’s ‘A Very Big Fan’ Of Singer

Search Lady Gaga Apologises To Christina Aguilera Over Comparisons And Says She’s ‘A Very Big Fan’ Of Singer EntertainmentWise Thu, Sep 12, 2013 19:46 BST Print Lady Gaga has publicly apologised to Christina Aguilera about any comparisons made between them. Christina was accused of copying Gaga’s electronic pop sound back in 2008 when she released her ‘Bionic’ album, which caused an online divide between fan bases. “I’m a very big fan of Christina Aguilera and from the very beginning when my career started, there was all of this controversy about the two of us,” Gaga told Watch What Happens Live.”I always felt it was very unfair to her.” Asked if it was because Aguilera was seen to be copying her sound, Gaga replied: “All I know is that people were talking about Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. “I just think it’s very unfair for anybody to pit another woman against another woman. Especially in the space of music when we are all just trying to be taken seriously. Lady Gaga has apologised to Christina Aguilera over any comparisons made between them (Photo: WENN) “We’re not taken seriously as musicians and Christina is an incredible vocalist and an incredible artist.” Gaga added: “From me to her, I’m so sorry for anything anyone ever said to her because of my existence. I hope she never felt any way about it, because when I was 15 I was trying to sing ‘I Turn To You’ at the top of my lungs trying to hit all her notes. “So she was an inspiration to me to have a wider vocal range, and I think it’s just all total nonsense the way they do that.” One person who previously spoke out in defense of Gaga regarding the feud is producer Akon, who signed the singer to his record label KonLive. He spoke out against Aguilera in a 2010 interview with Vibe, saying the public is “actually giving Christina too much credit.” “She always had her cool little look and way about how she went about things. But soon as Gaga came out everything switched up,” he added. When Christina released her raunchy video for ‘Not Myself Tonight’ that same year critics accused her of trying to imitate the newcomer. When asked about the speculation by Out magazine, the ‘Dirty’ singer said: “That in particular, is not even worth wasting the breath to comment on. “I’ve been around for over a decade and I think my work speaks for myself.”

Christina Aguilera was under plenty of public scrutiny last fall after showing off a fuller figure.

Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage Christina Aguilera definitely knows how to make her haters eat their words. The returning Voice coach turned heads at an NBC press event in Beverly Hills on Saturday, July 27, when she rocked the carpet in a tight pink minidress that revealed some major weight loss and a new, fit figure. The 32-year-old singer looked tan and rested in a clingy pink frock as she struck poses on the red carpet, her long blonde hair down in loose waves. A source tells Us that Aguilera has managed her slim-down with a combination of healthy eating and working out. “It’s more of a mind-body thing for her,” a source previously told Us of Aguilera’s commitment to shedding the pounds. “She believes in exercise that she enjoys, doing strength work as opposed to intense cardio.” Christina Aguilera was under plenty of public scrutiny last fall after showing off a fuller figure. Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images The singer has been showing off a slimmer figure in recent weeks, and made headlines when she debuted an estimated 20-pound weight loss on The Voice season four finale on June 18, when she performed opposite Pitbull for her No.1 hit “Feel This Moment.” “I’m the type of person that I cannot live in front of a camera 24 hours a day,” the “Your Body” singer told reporters on Saturday. “I have to take breaks and stay connected with myself, and I think it’s important so that you can then be your best on-camera and find your own happiness with it.” PHOTOS: Christina Aguilera’s style evolution Last fall, Aguilera faced major scrutiny over her fluctuating weight, leading co-coach Adam Levine to speak up in her defense during a Q&A in New York City on Oct. 26. “The one thing about culture right now, celebrity culture particularly, is people feel like they can just say nasty things about other people, whether it’s Christina or whether it’s me,” he said at the time. “She gets a lot and it pisses me off. Of course I have her back and of course I defend her.”