Is Lady Gaga Aiming To Be Un Ambassador For Lgbt Rights?

Lady Gaga’s Nude Photos Posted By Perez Hilton As Feud Continues (NSFW PHOTOS)

I want to be the United Nations Ambassador for LGBT rights. As you know, I and my mother Cynthia run the Born This Way foundation and we have helped save the lives of many LGBT youth. I was bullied as a youth and understand how LGBT youth feel. Every single night, I cry just thinking about their pain. I am them. They are me! As the UN ambassador for LGBT rights, I would need your support and activism. It is important that you attend some of my performances in promotion for my new album ARTPOP. It is important that you play some of the songs during your speeches. It is important that you help me pass laws against bullying, particularly on the Internet. There are many people who call my little monsters faggots. There are many who call me names as well. We need to stop these people because they are leading others to participate in bullying. Finally, I want to say how much I identify with the bullying you receive just because you are Black.

Lady Gaga Naked Pics All Over Twitter as She Ended Friendship with Perez Hilton [PHOTOS]

She left her apartment donning the mask, according to TMZ . We wonder if she is running out of fashion ideas or what. The bizarre full mask episode turned out to be pretty scary. She paired the mask with an oversized white shirt, plastic blue pants and 9-inch platform boots. The mask has been designed by Maison Martin Margiela. Lady Gaga . Image – Facebook /Lady Gaga Well, we are not surprised after looking at her ensemble at Fashion Week in NYC, but this is quite bizarre. Is she planning to feature herself in a horror movie? We have seen movies like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Friday The 13th,” and “Halloween” with the villains wearing deathly masks, we wonder if Lady Gaga is walking on the same path. She certainly has got our attention and we couldn’t help but guess that what our “Monster Mother” is up to. Lady Gaga returned to US after her performance at iTunes Festival in London last Sunday, as told by Entertainment Wise . She talked to Guardian about the knives episode and felt that she had been persecuted. “Yeah, for sure I do (feel persecuted,)” she said. “I certainly feel that at this time it’s almost as if people are surprised they haven’t already destroyed me.” “It gives them a sense of pleasure when they believe that they’ve destroyed me or taken me down. It’s almost entertainment for people to poke fun at Lady Gaga, but at the same time they have no idea the album I’ve made,” Lady Gaga added.

Lady Gaga Appears in a Wacky Face Mask During Fashion Week in New York City

According to “Born This Way” singer, their falling out started when she was in a hospital recovering from a broken hip due to an accident and Perez posted a photo of her on a wheelchair on his blog. Gaga then urged the “monsters” to boycott the blog and accused Perez of cyber bullying. Another incident that allowed the fight to escalate is when Gaga accused Perez of being a stalker when the latter was spotted looking for an apartment in Gaga’s NYC building. Perez then responded to the accusation that he did not know where she lives and that he looked at a dozen other apartments that day. What do you think of the ongoing feud between Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga? Let us know in the comments section. See the slideshow for the photos of Lady Gaga. Photo:Tumblr/whitegirladvice MTV VMA 2013 Worst Dressed/Weird Moments Lady Gaga in sea-shell costume during the MTV VMA. eudevito WATCH HERE! “Sex Dreams” or “Manicure” – Which New Track By Lady Gaga Is Most Talked About? Lady Gaga has unveiled seven new songs from her upcoming album ARTPOP at the Sundays iTunes festival in London. Out of the seven she performed, Manicure and Sex Dreams are the ones the singer seems to be promoting much on Twitter and even liked by her fans too. Photo:WikiCommons 2.0 Generic Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa. WATCH HERE!

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