Katy Perry’s `roar’ Is Heard Loud And Clear On Billboard; Topples Robin Thicke’s `blurred Lines’ Off The Top (video)

It is hardly surprising, then, that the movie makes ” Madonna: Truth or Dare ” look like ” Gimme Shelter .” This is not a complaint, merely an observation. Search: More on Katy Perry This ostensible “all-access” look at the Perry 2011 world tour, which wound down just as her much-publicized marriage to impish British comic Russell Brand was breaking up, gives its target audience just about as much truth as it can handle. That would consist of a fair number of shots of Katy working out sans makeup, Katy being a little bit sad at missing Russell, Katy being a lot sad at not seeing Russell, and stuff like that. Of course the above-mentioned target audience, largely teen and tween girls (although there were at least two men in drag at a screening I attended) are kind of pre-sold on not thinking much of Brand in the first place –“Eww” and “Jerk” were two epithets I heard from the rows behind me whenever he chanced to show up. So, in this case, the filmmakers are fortunate to have some of the above-cited overdetermination already done for them. Said filmmakers, Dan Kutforth and Jane Lipsitz, who have an extensive background in reality television, are pretty deft at constructing the film’s triune narrative, the first of which tells the career story of charismatic-minister’s-daughter-Katy-and-her-transformation-from-sheltered-religious-songstress-to-perky-pop-don’t-call-her-tart, with sidenotes on How Awesome A Person She Is; the second depicts the initially exhilarating (“There are 40,000 people out there, all right,” a dancer fake-shrugs before a show) and eventually (as always) grueling tour and the Personal Toll It Takes; the third (and this is where the 3-D comes in) takes us through the Candyland-Meets-Leg-Show world of a Katy Perry concert. What is there of interest for non-Katy-Perry fans? Not a whole lot. I’m not a hater, but as a 52-year-old white male there are very few wholesome ways that I’m capable of being invested in this particular phenomenon, aside from being suitably impressed with fiveANo. 1Asingles off the same album. Still, I was hardly bored. It’s always fun to watch music industry types act all caring about their clients and stuff, and I did get to ruminate a bit on the fickle finger of fate when the movie’s Katy-career narrative chose to throw the once chart-ruling production team The Matrix under the bus, as the squelcher’s of Perry’s creative “vision.” (The way the movie goes on about said vision, you’d think she was angling to make an album of Brecht/Eisler covers or something, but no; it’s more like she insisted on “Kissed a Girl” as the first single.) I was also slightly disappointed, albeit not surprised, to learn that Keith Hudson, Perry’s father, wasn’t that Keith Hudson. ‘Cause that would have been kind of weird/funny.

The video itself is charming enough, I suppose, in all its gaudy, cheesiness. Perry crashes on an island and soon transforms into a female Tarzan, replete with leopard skin bikini. She roars at tigers and swings around on vines. The music isnt my style, and Ive never really understood the Katy Perry phenomenon to be honest. Id blame it on my ageat 32 I often shake my heads and mutter under my breath: Kids these days! But Im sure I wouldnt have understood Katy Perrty ten or fifteen years ago. Thats neither here nor there. Her video has stacked up nearly 20 million views on YouTube, and thats 20 million (or so) pairs of eyes getting a good long look at a Lumia. Some of these viewers will wonder what the phone is; others will instantly want one. Good news for Microsoft Microsoft , then, given the software giants recent announcement. The Windows Phone maker will purchase Nokias device business for a total of around $7B, and the more top-tier product placement they can manage the better. It may not be enough, of course. Windows Phone continues to struggle to compete with Android and Apple Apple s iOS. (On a side note, the new colorful lineup of Apple iPhones is actually somewhat reminiscent of the Lumia line, with its bright reds and yellows.) Still, its great advertising for Microsoft and great advertising is exactly what the company needs if they want to make their Nokia purchase more than just a lost cause. Felix Salmon points out that Windows Phone is now going to account for a good quarter of Microsofts employees and that integrating the Microsoft and Nokia cultures is going to take an enormous amount of effort, with no guarantee of success. He also points out that the acquisition essentially forces Microsoft to double down on its strategy (which has signally failed to date) of competing head-to-head with Android and iOS. The cynic in me thinks Microsoft is wasting time and money on a business it cant really hope to compete in. On the other hand, what choice does Microsoft really have?

Katy Perry previews new album ‘Prism’ at NYC event

Katy Perrys Roar has become the I Kissed a Girl singers eighth single to hit No. 1 hit on Billboards Hot 100 chart. Katy Perrys Roar, an empowerment anthem had the power to end Robin Thickes twelve-week reign atop the chart with Blurred Lines. Katy Perrys first single off her upcoming Prism album, Roar, has spent three straight weeks at the top of the Digital Songs chart. Katy Perrys Roar sold 557,000 copies in its first week. In its second week, Katy Perrys Roar sold another 392,000 copies. Roar finally passed the one million mark this week, rising 14 percent to 448,000 downloads. Katy Perrys new single reaped the benefit of increased radio airplay and her closing performance under the Brooklyn Bridge for the MTV VMAs. There have only been two other songs by female artists to pass 400,000 downloads in two weeks. Lady Gagas Born This Way and Taylor Swifts I Knew You Were Trouble both moved quickly through the charts. Katy Perry is one of just two artists to nab seven number one singles since January 2010. Roar is Katy Perrys seventh No. 1 of the decade. The only other singer to hit that milestone is Katy Perrys sometime-BFF, Rihanna. Blurred Lines inched down to the No.

22, in front of an audience of 100 industry insiders and journalists Thursday night in New York. The beat-driven album features likable, radio-friendly tracks, much like her multi-hit 2010 effort, “Teenage Dream.” The 28-year-old pop star played songs like the ’80s-inspired “Birthday,” which she called “something like Mariah Carey would have put on her first album.” She said “Unconditionally” was her favorite song and she was proud to have written it. “Dark Horse,” which features rapper Juicy J, sounds like a Southern rap-techno mashup. Perry’s first single, “Roar,” bumped Robin Thicke ‘s “Blurred Lines” from the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week. She debuted the music video for the track Thursday. “I’m very excited to bring visuals to a lot of the songs and play them live,” she said. “Prism” features producers Dr. Luke, Klas Ahlund, Sia, Bloodshy, Greg Kurstin and others. Some of the new tracks include emotional lyrics. She sings “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” on “Double Rainbow,” and on “By the Grace of God,” she sings “wasn’t going to let love take me out that way.” “Prism” will include 13 tracks; its deluxe version will have 16 songs. The singer was excited and playful at the event, and even cracked a few jokes. She said the album was due at her label on Monday, but not all of the tracks were mixed. “It’s the ‘Prism’ preview.