Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett Trying For Baby No. 2

Kendra Wilkinson: I’m Not Pregnant — Yet

Our goal was to reintroduce Kendra again, in a different light, she says. Season one was about finding a career, being a parent, being a wife kind of reintroducing me under another network, and reminding people who I am. But season two will dive right in. My audience understands where Im at now; were pretty much up to date with everything, Wilkinson-Baskett says. This season is not about me being a parent or about me being married. Its about being a human being, the struggles of what that means, and how I get through it. According to Wilkinson-Baskett, those struggles are real. This is the most organic show you can get, she says. Sure, we have creative little tie-ins. But the overall story is 100 percent my life. I would never tell someone elses story or have anybody elses words in my mouth. Its pure Kendra. Why such a strong commitment to the reality of reality TV? I find it very therapeutic to be able to tell my story, and not hide it, she says. Weve been shooting season two of Kendra On Top for about a year now. Theres a lot that goes on in a year.

PHOTOS: Kendra’s maternity style “Summer was amazing, winding down now,” she told Us of enjoying time with husband Hank Baskett III and their son. “Hibernation season is starting up. Mating and hibernation season,” Wilkinson hinted. When will we see Wilkinson with a baby bump? “We are shooting my second season of Kendra On Top,” she shared, “and we have some answers there if you go and check it out.” But that doesn’t mean she’s already pregnant! “Oh no,” she told Us. “I had a couple drinks last night, so don’t worry about that!” PHOTOS: Kendra and Hank’s wedding album Wilkinson also told Us that she’s already gotten relaxed with her diet over the summer, and plans on asking new mom of two Jessica Simpson for advice on how to lose the baby weight. After Simpson welcomed her first child, daughter Maxwell, in May 2012, Wilkinson defended the star against comments about her weight gain. Now, she expects the same in return! “I need her to give me advice,” she told Us. “We’re caught up now, and I need some advice from her. OK? It’s her turn. I definitely need it, because we’re planning!” PHOTOS: Hollywood’s kids — the cutest pictures ever In late June, the former Girls Next Door star confirmed to Us that she was trying to get pregnant. “We are trying, we are going to start now,” she said.

2. A recent vacation to Southern Californias Big Bear Lake helped the couple further solidify their relationship, Wilkinson, 28, told PEOPLE on Saturday, as she hung out at a poolside cabana at Drais Hollywood s W Hotel to promote VEET hair removal products. Our week vacation in Big Bear, we found this new energy with each other, a new love, a new fascination about each other, she said. And right now, we found the key to happiness. We have the key to marriage, we have the key to parenting, why not right now bring a new life into this world while were this happy? It just makes sense. Wilkinson, who left the show Splash in April and whose new season of Kendra On Top premieres on WeTV later this summer, says she shell explain the key to her solid marriage on new episodes of her reality show. To prep for another run at motherhood, Wilkinson got her partying out of her system, taking trips to Miami and Las Vegas before deciding the time was right to give Hank IV, now 3, a new sibling. Her husband, she said, is planning a surprise for their 4-year anniversary celebration, but she doesnt know where. Hawaii, she adds, is likely in their plans, but this time with their son along for the trip. Im ready, Wilkinson says about having a second child. I couldnt be more ready, and Hank couldnt be more ready. Our souls have connected, even Little Hanks. Little Hank keeps saying to us, I want a brother and a sister. So we have included him in our decision, too. Andrea Billups with reporting by Gabrielle Olya Filed Under:

Kendra Wilkinson: I’m Back to Being Me After Battling PPD

[After I had a baby,] I felt like I had to be a different person. I had to be conservative and wear turtlenecks and be someone that I wasnt, she told PEOPLE Saturday pool at Las Vegass Wet Republic . Now that I have my body back and I feel good again, I have the perfect amount of balance. Its all about finding the balance. However, learning to juggle her family of three including husband Hank Baskett and still maintain her own sense of self was anything but easy for the Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, and Getting My Sexy Back author, who has been open about her battle with postpartum depression. It got pretty bad, [but] not to the point where I would harm my family. I was a great mom and did what I needed to, but I was definitely very depressed, she says. [Motherhood is] a big change in life and it happened overnight. For Wilkinson, 26, she believes the problem began when all of her attention turned toward her son, leaving little time for herself. And when she felt the public pressure to regain her body after baby , the reality star admits the heat became too much to handle. At the time I was doing whatever I could for the baby, but I lost myself and it was really frustrating, she shares. Being in the spotlight is a lot of pressure about losing the weight, [especially] coming from the Playboy world. Noting that a lot of women suffer from PPD, Wilkinson hopes that sharing her story offers a support system for others facing the same struggles.It needs to be talked about, she explains. Now happily settled into her new lifestyle, Wilkinson admits she has learned to still have a lot of fun albeit to the beat of a different drum. Its a whole different life, but a better life, she says. Your baby is no. 1 100 percent of the time, but I do still take me time you need to do that every now and then. Im back to being that Kendra that everyone knew at the Playboy Mansion, but a lot more mature and grown up.