Kendra Wilkinson: I’m Not Pregnant — Yet

Kendra Wilkinson considers open marriage with husband Hank Baskett in reality show trailer: ‘I shouldn’t be married’

PHOTOS: Kendra’s maternity style “Summer was amazing, winding down now,” she told Us of enjoying time with husband Hank Baskett III and their son. “Hibernation season is starting up. Mating and hibernation season,” Wilkinson hinted. When will we see Wilkinson with a baby bump? “We are shooting my second season of Kendra On Top,” she shared, “and we have some answers there if you go and check it out.” But that doesn’t mean she’s already pregnant! “Oh no,” she told Us. “I had a couple drinks last night, so don’t worry about that!” PHOTOS: Kendra and Hank’s wedding album Wilkinson also told Us that she’s already gotten relaxed with her diet over the summer, and plans on asking new mom of two Jessica Simpson for advice on how to lose the baby weight. After Simpson welcomed her first child, daughter Maxwell, in May 2012, Wilkinson defended the star against comments about her weight gain. Now, she expects the same in return! “I need her to give me advice,” she told Us. “We’re caught up now, and I need some advice from her. OK? It’s her turn. I definitely need it, because we’re planning!” PHOTOS: Hollywood’s kids — the cutest pictures ever In late June, the former Girls Next Door star confirmed to Us that she was trying to get pregnant.

Kendra Wilkinson would let future daughter pose for Playboy

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Kendra Wilkinson would be more than fine if her daughter someday followed in her footsteps. The former Playboy model and girlfriend to Hugh Hefner told HuffPost Live in an interview that she would be “100 percent OK” if she ever had a daughter in the future that wanted pose for the salacious magazine. infuslv-07/ Kendra Wilkinson bares her beach body while hosting a Hawaiian Tropic sun care party in Las Vegas. Even though the 28-year-old blond beauty is currently only a mother to a son, Hank Jr., 3, she and husband Hank Baskett are trying for baby No. 2. “If she was the person that I was, doing Playboy, I would 100 percent say okay,” she explained of her future offspring. RELATED: KENDRA WILKINSON UPSET OVER NOT RECEIVING INVITE FOR HEF’S WEDDING Kendra Wilkinson was the cover gal for Playboy in December 2010. “If she is in a bad place, in a bad mental place and having a bad head on her shoulders and doing it under bad conditions, that’s different.” Wilkinson said that when she did spreads for the racy glossy, she did “nothing wrong.” RELATED: KENDRA WILKINSON QUITS SPLASH OVER FEAR OF HEIGHTS Angela Weiss/Getty Images Kendra Wilkinson Baskett and Hank Baskett pictured here with their son, Hank Baskett IV, in August 2013. The couple is trying for baby No. 2. “I knew what I was doing, even though I had a little bit of fun, that was a choice that I made and I owned it, you know.” When questioned if Wilkinson would ever let her children see nude photos of her, she went on to say that her family is very comfortable with nudity. “My son sees me nude every day,” she said. “He’s like, ‘Boobies!’ He sees them every day, like I don’t care,” she chuckled.

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is back on top

As husband Hank Baskett develops his career at his gym Athletic Gaines, tensions run high. Theres an episode where youll get a chance to see what happens when his business mixes with my business, and it ends up not being such a great thing, she says. It ends up being a complete disaster. Youll get a chance to see how we get through it, together. Its something a lot of people in Hollywood have to go through, a lot of people in the world have to go through. Despite their professional differences, Wilkinson-Baskett remains supportive of her hubbys career. The gym is really the most amazing place ever, she says. Theyre specialized in personal training and making sure you get to your goal safely and fast. Although she is regarded as a fitness guru, she says her involvement in the gym does not extend beyond support. But his pride for Hank is trumped by pride for little Hank. Were very lucky to have a son like him, she says. Its natural to compare yourself with other parents, and I find myself patting myself on the back. We are creating an amazing human being! Wilkinson-Baskett admits to a precarious relationship between parenting life and her televised life. Were respectable people, she says. We have a lot of parenting friends from preschool, and we have to warn them to be aware of what they see. This is a crazy season, a little dramatic. You know how they say behind closed doors, people are a certain way?

Kendra Wilkinson says she would be ‘100 percent OK’ if her daughter posed for Playboy in the future

By Margaret Eby / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, August 23, 2013, 11:31 AM Kendra Wilkinson considers opening her marriage with Hank Baskett in the trailer for ‘Kendra on Top’ Are Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett considering an unconventional approach to their marriage? In the trailer for the second season of Wilkinson’s WE tv reality show, “Kendra On Top,” the 28-year-old former Playboy model wonders if she should open her marriage with Baskett. “I shouldn’t even be married,” Wilkinson tells Baskett. He responds, that the couple should “just be single and live together.” WEtv Kendra Wilkinson considers open marriage with husband Hank Baskett in reality show trailer: ‘I shouldn’t be married’ “So you’re asking for an open marriage?” Kendra says. “I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life!” Wilkinson seems to give the idea more though when she runs into an ex-boyfriend at the gym. “You’re the one who brought up open marriage,” she says while lying in bed with Baskett. Angela Weiss/Getty Images Wilkinson with husband Baskett and son Hank Baskett. ‘I shouldn’t even be married’ Kendra said on the show. “You’re the one who took off with it,” Baskett replies. Later in the clip, Wilkinson seems on the brink of going for it. “If I want to have one night of freesom, I’m going to do it,” she says. “I’m a grown a-woman.” Will Wilkinson and Baskett go through with it? Viewers will have to wait for the premiere, on September 13.

If she is in a bad mental place [and has] a bad head on her shoulders and doing it under bad conditions, thats different. Kendra added she doesnt have any regrets about her Playboy past because it led her to where she is today. I was very mentally there, I knew what I was doing, even though I had a little bit of fun, that was a choice that I made and I owned it. And I did nothing wrong, the 28-year-old explained. Everybody has to go through little finding out who they are stages. She also doesnt fear the inevitable questions from her kids about why she decided to publicly bare all. She said shell even be proud to show her children her old photos. My son sees me nude every day. Hes like, Boobies! He sees them every day, like I dont care, she joked. Were pretty open and why not be open and teach our son what the body looks like ahead of time and we have no shame If you own every choice you make, you have no regrets. You have to own it. The new season of Kendra on Top premieres on WeTV tonight at 10/9c. No items theyll probably do a mother daughter cover anjealka I love how a magazine can get a story out of anything. She isnt even pregnant yet and they are already asking about the possibility if she gets pregnant and if it is a girl what she will think of an event 20 years in the future. Sigh Have some decency in front of your son. EttySpaz There is nothing wrong with the human form bared in all its glory like the day we were born. twelfthnight Im glad my finding out who I am stage didnt involve dating and doing the (extremely) nasty with someone old enough to be my grandfather, who also had other girlfriends. Some of us fare better than others I guess!