Krispy Kreme Opens First Russia Store

Obama Says Strike Threat Aided Syria Diplomacy

says killed more than 1,400 people, including at least 400 children. Russia blames the rebels. Todays statement didnt identify the culprit. Stocks rallied and oil fell this week as the talks damped concern of U.S. military intervention. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) climbed 3 percent, the most since January . West Texas Intermediate crude dropped 2.2 percent, the most since July. Kerry plans to go to Paris on Sept. 16 for talks with the British, French and Saudi foreign ministers, following a stop tomorrow in Israel to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . Inspections The Syrian rebels said they wouldnt interfere with the inspections, as they criticized the U.S.-Russian accord. Kerry said since the regime controls the weapons sites, he expected that inspectors would have unfettered access. Kerry said the U.S.

Anti-gay law shames Putin’s Russia

Tanya Lokshina

… But most importantly, don’t ever mention this to anyone.” Homosexuality was a criminal offense under the Soviets, and the doctor was trying to protect his stammering teenage patient. When my friend told me this story many years later, we had a good laugh, agreeing that though things weren’t easy for gay people in Russia, you did not have to stay shut in that closet for life. This was before disgraceful homophobic legislation was adopted in June. Tanya Lokshina The new law bans dissemination among minors of information promoting the “attractiveness of nontraditional sexual relationships” and providing a “distorted notion of social equivalence of traditional and nontraditional sexual relationships.” It does not define “nontraditional” but it is widely understood to mean “homosexual.” And it basically means that you cannot publicly say anything positive about being gay or tell a child that there is nothing wrong with being gay or being raised by gay parents. It seems that the Kremlin underestimated the prominence of the international LGBT rights movement and the damage the law would do to Russia’s image, especially with the Sochi Olympics just months away , the host country being so much in the spotlight. Russia’s failure to honor the Olympic Charter’s requirement of nondiscrimination came under scrutiny as the International Olympic Committee continued to seek assurances that enforcement of the law would not affect the games. Russian officials at the highest level have been trying to smooth over the scandal. Ex-Olympian speaks out on boycott idea Obama: ‘Nobody is more offended than me’ How Russian anti-gay laws impact Olympics Olympians jeer Russia’s anti-gay law President Vladamir Putin himself said in a recent interview that in Russia “people of nontraditional sexual orientation are not discriminated against” and that they are valued and equal citizens of the Russian Federation. Putin even noted that he was open to a discussion with LGBT organizations. That’s welcome, but is he to be trusted? As is often the case here, it’s one step forward and two steps backward. So far no meeting with LGBT activists has been convened and there have been no efforts to have the heinous law repealed. Worse, several legislators have just introduced a bill to deny parental rights to one or both parents of “nontraditional sexual orientation.” The main author of the bill and a member of the ruling party’s faction in the State Duma, Alexei Zhuravlev, explained that the bill aims to “protect” children from psychological trauma and pertains to those parents who “do not conceal their same-sex sexual relationships.” The message sent to LGBT people is clear: If you don’t want your kids taken away from you you’d better keep your mouth shut. And it is particularly ironic that just days later in his much discussed New York Times op-ed on Syria, Vladimir Putin ur ged the Americans not to forget that “God created us all equal.” People in Russia would’ve laughed if only things weren’t getting bad enough to cry.

A pair of water spouts form on Lake Michigan southeast of Kenosha, Wis. on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013. The National Weather Service in Sullivan said the water spouts occurred about four miles southeast from Kenosha. A water spout is basically a tornado over water, meteorologist Ed Townsend said. (AP Photo/The Kenosha News, Kevin Poirier)

Krispy Kreme has an agreement with Novikov to open 40 stores here over the next five years, Phillips said. Though the doughnuts are thoroughly American, the company tries to adapt to local tastes. A doughnut with caramel, chocolate and nuts was selling nicely Thursday. Eagerness to stand in line was whetted by the promise of doughnuts. While the first customer won doughnuts for a year, the second and third got a sixth-month supply. The next 37 got a free dozen. Sona Arzumanyan had heard rumors a year ago that Krispy Kreme was about to open and had been waiting impatiently ever since. When it didnt open, she said, I was very sad. She and her friend Anna Volgina, both 29-year-old lawyers, had become devotees in London, where they had studied. Both had boxes to take home to family. Neither was surprised by the lines. People like to have something new, Volgina said. A sign outside offered a reminder of the Krispy Kreme heritage. Since 1937, it read. That was the year an entrepreneurial American bought a recipe from a New Orleans French chef and began making doughnuts in Winston-Salem, N.C. In the Soviet Union that year, Joseph Stalins terror and purges were at their height, with people being shot night after night in the basement of the Lubyanka.