Madonna Sparks Controversy (again) By Posing With Guns After Navy Yard Shooting

Madonna Recently Dreamt About Brad Pitt, And Other Revelations From Her Reddit Q&A Session

Just one day after the deadly Navy Yard shooting in Washington D.C., Madonna revealed a still shot from her upcoming short film which shows her aiming a gun at a body on the floor. And while the singer is known for constantly pushing the boundaries of decency, she’s receiving tons of backlash for her latest stunt. The upcoming endeavor, which has been dubbed SecretProjectRevolution, is said to be released next week in its entirety. The scene also shows other bodies strewn around a living room, including one man who appears to be on top of a piano. Madonna is seen in a pair of fishnet tights, a black leotard and wearing a black leather glove as she clutches the revolver tightly. The film is codirected by the pop icon herself and famed photographer Steven Klein. According to the press release, the project is aiming to “further freedom of expression and protect persecution.” YN / Splash News Madonna also said in a statement in the release, “My goal is to show by the example of SecretProjectRevolution my creative commitment to inspire change in the world through artistic expression. I hope my film and other submissions to Art For Freedom will be a call-to-action and give people a place to voice their own creative expression to help fight oppression, intolerance and complacency.” And while some may call it art, others may be left with simply a bad taste in their mouths. Critics have panned Madge’s decision to release a violent and graphic image in general, let alone so soon after the massacre that took place on Monday. But this isn’t the first time that the Queen of Pop has sparked controversy with her use of handheld weapons. NEWS: Madonna defends using swastikas and guns on tour Ian Gavan/Getty Images During last year’s MDNA tour, she was highly criticized for her use of fake guns throughout the performance. Concertgoers panned the singer’s decision to use fake guns, arguing that she helped in glorifying the use of weapons, after the Sandy Hook school and Colorado movie theater tragedies. In August of last year, Madonna responded to the criticism through a lengthy letter she called her manifesto. “My show/Is a journey/The journey of a soul from darkness to light/It is part cinematic musical theater/Part spectacle and sometimes intimate Performance art,” the letter began.

(Not that she ever wasnt in that place, but she seems to be especially embracing it now.) If she feels like sporting some grillz, some grillz she will sport . If she has the urge to release a film via BitTorrent to support freedom of expression, shell just go ahead and do it, partnering with Steven Klein no less. And if she wants to spend a weeknight answering a bunch of questions from rabid fans on the internetsure, why not? Ostensibly to generate some buzz for the aforementioned film titled secretprojectrevolution (again, its Madonna; she does whatever she wants and somehow the output never seems uncool)Madonna participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) last night, in which she fielded a whole bunch of questions from fans in real time. (She hasn’t completely become one of us, though; don’t fret. When asked if she was typing the answers herself, she responded, im vaccuming the housekeeper is typing.) That sardonic dryness pervaded the entire Q&A . No vagaries or platitudes, so prevalent these days among the pop star set, here; Madonna, refreshingly, responded with the caustic directness of your most blunt friend at Sunday brunch. When asked how to best ease the pain after the dissolution of a three-year relationship, and, as a follow-up, which of your songs should I play repeatedly, Madonna naughtily responded, gang bang, followed by the song gang bang from my last record. Other learnings: She would love to work with Daft Punk; shes just waiting for them to return [her] call. The most recent dream she remembers having? Brad Pitt and I were living together and there was a small blonde child in the bed. Sorry Angelina, it was only a dream. How does she calm down when she gets angry? I dont its a hot mess. When asked, saucily, Where should I put these hydrangeas ? Madonna responded, up your ass. If she could turn any gay man straight, it would be Frank Ocean (she also cited Frank and Jay-Zs Oceans as her favorite song of the moment). When asked a question that began If you were a gay man. . . she immediately responded i am a gay man. Would she ever wear a disguise and go to Walmart?