Miley Cyrus And Vevo Take A Wrecking Ball To Mtv

Why not let network TV show ?Deep Throat??.UNANNOUNCED. I sat down to watch some PG rated TV with my family and we got a crude, pornography, sex show shoved in our face. Sure I could turn it off? I DID! But I would like to have known BEFORE I sat down with the family to watch this vulgar and offensive show. Once my family saw this disgusting behavior, it was too late. I thought the FCC was there to protect us against such atrocities. Guess not. I?m more ashamed of the FCC than anything else. Shame on you! Do something!! Fine the network. Fine Milye Cyrus. Make a damn speech or something.

Miley Cyrus: Is the Media Cause for her Rocky Relationship with Liam Hemsworth? [See Photos]

( YHOO ) Music (3.7 million unique visitors; 7.5 million video views), and AOL ( AOL ) Music (3.0 million unique visitors; 8.1 million video views). How did a relative newcomer like Vevo get so far ahead? The company, which was founded in 2009, was launched with the backing of Universal Music and Sony ( SNE ) Music Entertainment. That means Vevo gets first dibs on the music videos of two of the three-largest record labels. (Vevo also had the online music video rights for the fourth-largest record company, EMI, until the giant was broken up last year.) Those relationships have given the company outsize clout, because any website that wants to legally distribute music videos from Universal and Sonys hefty roster of artists must first strike a deal with Vevo. Since the companys debut, Vevo executives have signed multiple agreements, distributing its music videos far and wide across the Internet. But its primary distribution point has long been its thriving channel on Google ( GOOG )s YouTube. Earlier this summer, Vevo and Google extended the mutually beneficial relationship. In July, Google invested $45 million for a 7 percent stake in the company, keeping Vevo comfortably ensconced in the all-important YouTube ecosystem for years to come. Its an increasingly lucrative position to occupy thanks to the ongoing boom in digital video advertising. According to data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, spending on digital video has soared (pdf), from $324 million in 2007 to $2.3 billion in 2012. Having established its centrality among music fans on YouTube, Vevo is now aiming to conquer the next big thing in music videos: mobile distribution. Its moving [to mobile] so fast that most people arent aware, Vevo Chief Executive Officer Rio Caraeff told Bloomberg TV in June.

[See Photos] Text Size By charmaine corne clutton | September 16, 2013 1:05 PM EST Real life lovebirds Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been making the headlines for different reasons. It seems like the two are drifting apart after headlines have bombarded their relationship with various issues and links. tumblr Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth It seemed like the relationship of the two stars started spiraling downwards since Miley Cyrus decided to get her new hairstyle. The pair was seen less in public and rumors circulated the Internet about Liam Hemsworth having flings and affairs with Jennifer Lawrence and January Jones. Miley Cyrus had her own taste of dating rumors, when she was linked to Justin Bieber and was also hinted by the press as the cause for Bieber’s and Disney star Selena Gomez’s split. The two were seen partying and having a good time while they posted photos of each other being more than just “friends” during their spontaneous rendezvous around different clubs. Must Read Ashley Olsen Dating David Schulte, CEO of Oliver Peoples Sponsorship Link The celebs denied speculations about their said dating rumors and were seen together last August together as Miley attended the premier of her fiance’s movie “Paranoia”. Paparazzi’s were able to take photos of the two being more than just a couple as they held hands and were rather close with each other. Cyrus was dressed head to toe and Hemsworth seemed to be happy to spend time with his fiance and girlfriend of almost 4 years-they do look cute together. The question now is, is the media the cause for their alleged relationship problems? It may seem that the media are causing more trouble to their relationship then there should actually be. The two are one of Hollywood’s popular stars and it is normal that the two would be caught under such scrutiny by the press but maybe the press has to get its facts straight a bit as there seems to be more to the two and on what they have with each other. To contact the editor, e-mail: