Music, Mistrust And A Maestro’s Love For Kashmir

Music discovery is cheap now. If your goal is to amass an Internet following and some real, lasting buzz, you can still start from scratch. The Internet means that DIY ethics can lead to the kind of results previously reserved for label-backed artists with access to traditional mainstream channels (terrestrial radio, print advertisement, large-circulation print music press). This is exciting. This is progress. Chance the Rapper was mocked in high school for his musical aspirations. Forbes picked up on his mixtape after it blew up online, and now hes got 32,287 listeners on Bishop Nehrus story is similar, though his success isnt yet at the scale of Chances. King Krule followed perhaps the most mysterious pattern for HYAs: He started out small with a bunch of little-known releases, and managed to grow gradually, with a boost from a guest spot on a bigger release . He eventually found his way to a big presence primarily through Internet buzz. Lorde, deviating slightly from the HYA pattern, was found by a talent scout at a high-school talent show its a weaker example of what Im talking in terms of rise via Internet, but still serves to show that the world is ready for really young artists on the bleeding edge of a scene other than teen pop. Her fame still grew as a result of web-sharing and viral buzz, which means she still counts.

Music teacher arrested for ‘sexual harassment’ of students in Jaipur

Fall 2013 TV Preview: 13 Shows to Watch While Mollere has always loved music, even managing bands while living in Austin, his start in the music supervision business was an accident. He had moved to Los Angeles and happened to cross paths with a frustrated director who was unable to find music for his film that worked within his budget. “I told him to give me a week and let me check it out. I sat down and worked it out and gave him a bunch of song options and he loved it. From that point on, Ive been doing music supervision for film and then advertising and then for TV.” Molleres first turn at music supervision for a network show was for Kyle XY, a teen-oriented sci-fi show that ran on ABC Family for three seasons. The soundtrack for the show featured cuts from American Analog Set, Mates of State and Earlimart among other indie fare that rarely found an audience on American television before the advent of the television soundtrack under Josh Schwartzs The OC. “The OC was where music really jumped out at me on TV,” Mollere said. “Easy Rider was one of the first movies to have a song soundtrack, but The OC was the show that changed that format on television and showed that you could do things like have a song with lyrics play during a scene with dialogue. Before The OC, that was not an accepted thing. The OC also broke bands like Death Cab and the Killers. A placement on that show took bands to another level.” Its something that Mollere hopes to do as well, by featuring lesser-known indie acts before they break big. His use of Florence and the Machine on a Vampire Diaries episode came months before the band was filling stadiums. Temper Trap and Airborne Toxic Event were also beneficiaries of Molleres placements. Lately, Mollere has been featuring MsMr regularly on Pretty Little Liars and Telekinesis has had more than a handful of spots on The Vampire Diaries soundtrack. The song lists for both shows ABC Family publishes a weekly roundup of songs on their blog and Mollere tweets the song lists for both shows read like the iPod of a true indie music fan.

That is the problem with the Indian media and with Indians. Whenever they see an issue like this they just politicise the issue. If it was purely a musical concert Kashmiris would love to come. You will watch the TV channels in the evening, the concert will (run) for 90 minutes, there were 500 VVIPs, it is peaceful it is normal and Kashmir is ours. Click on NEXT to read further… Image: The pamphlet about the parallel concert organised by Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir Photographs: Vaihayasi Pande Daniel/ Vaihayasi Pande Daniel in Srinagar The Mirwaiz also voices queries about the need to spend so much. The fact is that it is a troubled society and that millions of rupees are going to be spent on this. If they really care about these things they could have invested in healthcare. They could have given us a hospital here. Maybe a Kashmir-German friendship hospital. That would have been a great gesture. We have mental issues. The Dal lake is dying. Maybe the Germans can come and help us with our Dal lake environment.

The music teacher was charged under the new section 354 (A) of IPC, which was amended after the Delhi gangrape. The private school administration in Bhilwara filed a complaint at Subhash Nagar police station on Saturday after the girls of Class VI alleged that the music teacher used to “touch” and stare them. Subhash Nagar police station incharge Satish Meena said, “We arrested the accused Bhanwar Lal Damani soon after we received the complaint from school administration.” Meena said that they are investigating the matter after lodging an FIR under various sections of IPC and POCSO. The accused music teacher has been charged with 354 (A) of IPC, 509 of IPC and section 11 and section 42 of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012, the police said. The new section of IPC, 354 (A) says that a person shall be guilty of the offence of sexual harassment if he commits any of the following acts including physical contact and advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual overtures, a demand or request for sexual favour, showing pornography against the will of a woman or making sexually coloured remarks. The Rajasthan State Commission for protection of Child Rights (RSCPCR) has taken a cognizance on the issue. RSCPCR member Govind Beniwal will reach Bilwara to investigate into the matter for RSCPCR. Moreover, Bhilwara child welfare committee chairperson Suman Trivedi said, “We have taken statement of 11 school girls. But, we got to know that a large number of girls have faced the same kind of problem. They said that the music teacher touched them unnecessarily.” One girl also complained that he kissed her when she went to wish him on teachers’ day. The school administration informed the police that the music teacher was appointed around 20 days ago. Police said, “The school principal said in the complaint that after getting complaints from school girls, the administration investigated the matter and found the allegations true after which they sought police’s help.” Meanwhile, a large number of parents also reached the school and expressed their anger against the teacher and demanded strict action against him. ALSO ON TOI