New York Heads Toward Divisive Mayoral Race

Giuliani. Bill Thompson, a former city comptroller who placed a distant second in last Tuesdays Democratic primary, conceded the race to de Blasio before all of the votes had been counted. There had been intense pressure from fellow Democrats to avert what could have been a bruising runoff. More from PostPolitics DC mayor: Sequester may have played role in Navy Yard shootings Aaron Blake As I look at sequestration, which is about saving money in the federal government being spent, have we somehow skimped? No sale for Obama on Syria Sean Sullivan Americans are split on the question of whether United States has vital interests at stake in the situation involving Syria, a new Post-ABC poll shows. A misleading history on Social Security Glenn Kessler Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) paints Republicans as seeking to filibuster funds for Social Security after it was passed into law in 1935. On Nov. 5, New Yorkers will decide which candidate will succeed Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I), who is stepping down after 12 years in office because of term limits. There is nothing more beautiful than Democratic unity, and thank you for it, de Blasio said on the steps of City Hall, accompanied by Thompson, Gov. Andrew M.

New York’s Nina Davuluri crowned 2014 Miss America

Brad Pitt sent a wedding party into a frenzy when he made a surprise appearance at the strangers’ affair.

For the second straight year, the Miss America tiara will reside in the Empire State. Nina Davuluri the first Miss America of Indian descent bested her competitors to succeed Brooklynite Mallory Hagan as the nations most beautiful ambassador. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson Miss New York Nina Davuluri is crowned as Miss America 2014 by Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan. I havent even had time to get emotional, said a still shellshocked Davuluri, 24, after being crowned in Atlantic City. I havent even had time to speak to my parents yet. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson Davuluri shows off her Indian dancing skills in the talent competition. Davuluri of Fayetteville, near Syracuse, wowed the crowd with a traditional Bollywood dance for the talent portion of the competition and plans to represent her roots and push her platform of diversity in her new role. Mel Evans Davuluri has denied an allegation that she called Hagan fat as s—. Im most excited to promote my platform, I was the first Indian Miss New York and Im so proud to be the first Indian Miss America, she said tearfully. The pageant returned to Atlantic City for this contest after nine years in Las Vegas. Davuluris first official act as Miss America on Monday will be to visit Seaside Heights, N.J. ravaged first by Hurricane Sandy and then by a devastating fire last week. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson The aspiring doctor has struggled with her own weight issues Davuluri lost more than 50 pounds and suffered with bulimia. Donald Kravitz/Getty Images Davuluri is the second consecutive Miss New York to win the competition. People whove been overweight, especially women, feel like at a moments notice we can go back to where we were, she told the Syracuse Post-Standard in July.

New York police shoot, injure two bystanders while pursuing man

New York police fired on a man who was acting erratically Saturday night at a busy midtown intersection in Manhattan, wounding two bystanders, according to social media and news media reports. OMG just witnessed NYPD gun down a pedestrian in Times Square , Kerri Ann Nesbeth, a witness to the shooting, wrote on Twitter. She posted a photo of a man, in blue jeans and a white T-shirt, sprawled on his back on the sidewalk, blood apparently staining the fabric around his right knee. The man is reaching up to hold what appears to be a walker. This cannot be happening in front of me, she wrote in another Twitter post. CBS New York reported that the man appeared to be emotionally disturbed, acting erratically and running in and out of traffic. The station quoted a witness to the shooting as saying, The guy was, like, wandering in the street like he was lost and he was a pretty big guy. He added: He looked like he was on something. Officers tried to corral the man, the witness said, but he resisted. He dove in front of a car and it almost ran him over, said the witness, who was not identified by name. Gunfire ensued and two bystanders were hit. They were taken to a hospital for treatment. It was not clear if the man, who was taken into custody, sustained any injuries.