Nicki Minaj Asserts ‘baddest Bitch’ Status With Two New Music Videos

Nicki Minaj in the video for "Clappers"

Though she only appeared as a judge on American Idol for one season from 2012 to 2013, the hip-hop superstar made quite an impression. “The perception that people had of me completely changed because there are no cue cards, there’s no script, it wasn’t me performing a song. It was, ‘Let’s see your real personality,'” Minaj explains. “My core is a genuine human being who roots for other people. I didn’t want to blow smoke up their ass. I wanted every contestant to leave with something that they could remember.” PHOTOS: American Idol judges, then and now Minaj says she wants to do “three more albums” before she moves on to the next phase of her career: acting. “If I can do that, I’ll feel complete,” she says. “One day, when I start getting a couple gray hairs, maybe it will all be only acting. I just never know. . . I’ve kind of become the poster child for doing the things that no one expects.” PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj’s craziest hairstyles ever In fact, long before she became famous, the “High School” rapper dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Lesbian Lovers, Spends The Night Together?

Sense of humour: Brown picked funnyman Nick Swardson for a cameo appearance in his video Wake up! ‘I just fell asleep,’ Brown complains to his friend, who wakes him up to go to the club ‘Just survivin’ the game. Got my tricks in the bag, my stable!’ Swardson cracks, pointing to the three girls in the back seat. ‘Makin’ it rain. Got $30, cash. Making – it – rain,’ he adds. The song itself finally begins to play as Swardson gets excited: ‘This is the song!’ he yells, oblivious to the fact that it’s Brown’s track. Vroom: Brown brings his Mercedes SUV to the curb outside of the club Try again? Brown and Swardson share an incredibly awkward handshake before they go their separate ways in the club The SUV eventually rolls up to the club, where Brown finally gets an opportunity to show off his signature dance moves. And he doesn’t disappoint, grooving along as a bevy of girls dance on and around him – but he really unleashes his moves after a circle forms around him. ‘We do it like we rock stars / sexing in my hotel room, I be so loud / higher than a smoke cloud,’ Brown sings.

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PHOTO: Nicki Minaj performs live as part of the GMA Summer Concert Series in Central Park on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, August 5, 2011.

Well, the rapping Barbie shows no signs of slowing down. On Tuesday (September 3), Minaj appeared as a guest in two new music videos: one from DJ Khaled and another from Wale . Khaled’s “I Wanna Be With You” is the first collaboration between the two since the charismatic DJ brought a 10-karat diamond ring up to MTV News and cooked up a marriage proposal for his YMCMB labelmate. There were no vows exchanged in the video, but Nicki managed to stand out in the Colin Tilley-directed clip, which also features Rick Ross and Future. In the clip, which premiered on MTV Jams Tuesday, a blond-haired Nicki sits against a purple backdrop, wearing a white dress and rapping her rapid-fire rhymes. “Baddest bitch, I’m the catalyst/ Ain’t never been done, bitch I added this,” she rhymes. Throughout the clip Nicki keeps a serious tone about her, once again proving that she can hold her own when matched up against the boys. Wale’s “Clappers” takes on a drastically different tone, with Nicki sporting a drastically different look. The latest single from Wale’s The Gifted is an ode to big butts that is set to a go-go-inspired instrumental. After the MMG standout and guest spitter Juicy J get their go, Nicki brings up the rear in the rump-shaking party, wearing a yellow tank top and pink tights. “Got ass for days, come activate/ This ass on fire, evacuate,” she rhymes while she twerks for the camera.

Stealing the show! Nicki Minaj struts her stuff as she joins Chris Brown in new video for Love More

Sense of humour: Brown picks funnyman Nick Swardson for a cameo appearance in his video

4, 2013 Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Lesbian Lovers, Spends The Night Together? Rihanna rumors hit the web on a daily basis, but theres one claim on that made our jaw drop to the floor. The gossip blog is claiming that Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are officially a lesbian couple together, alleging that the two hooked up last week after a pre-VMA party at New York club Stage 48. PICTURES: Rihanna Wears See-Through Top No Bra An insider tells MTO that, Rihanna and Nicki have always had a flirty relationship. I dont think that either [Rihanna or Nicki] thought that the other was serious about hooking up. But after a few bottles of MOSCATO . . . Nicki started getting very blunt. Nicki told [Rihanna] that she wanted to F*CK HER. Everyone at the tables mouth dropped. .

Although it was still an outfit that most people wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the house in, Nicki appeared to be much smarter than usual. Scroll down for video Different look: Nicki Minaj tried a new style at the 2013 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC on Thursday Wearing her usually strange hair style in a formal center parting, the 30-year-old rapper wore a black and gold dress, that featured a pleated detail. Joining Nicki at the event were stars such as rapper Trina and former X Factor judge L.A. Reid. Legendary rapper MC Hammer also attended, but left his trademark harem pants at home. Serious artist look: Nicki was at the bash to accept an award for her hit Starships produced by Lady Gaga collaborator RedOne Paying off: Nicki was awarded for her efforts on the night, and it appears she dressed accordingly Perhaps Nicki was taking time out of her gaudy stage attire to be recognised as a serious musican for the track – which she co-wrote herself with Lady GaGa collaborator RedOne. Whatever the case, it was certainly a different side to the rapper who is known for shocking with her costumes. The rapper recently invented her own version of ‘throwback thursday’ which she dubbed ‘thong thursday’. Smartening up her act? Nicki will feature on the next album by controversial singer Chris Brown Special guests: Rapper Trina joined Nicki Minaj at the event in New York City Fashionista Nicki also delighted her 16.8 million Twitter followers by posting another sexy image of herself striking a sexy pose inside a kitchen standing next to an opened-up refrigerator, just last month. Last month, the rapper was revealed to be one of the stars who will be appear on Chris Brown’s latest album.

That’s demure for her! Nicki Minaj ditches outrageous attire for sophisticated ensemble at hip-hop awards in NYC

Paying off: Nicki was awarded for her efforts on the night, and it appears she dressed accordingly

Peacock blue and green strands, fuzzy pink bee hive up-dos, platinum blonde curls, a new day, a new photo shoot, means a new hair color for Nicki Minaj. The singer is never without a voluptuous wig. She was recently snapped rolling around in the sand in a hot pink bikini and bright green wig on the set of her music video “Starships.” So what is Minaj’s real hair color? “I mean obviously it’s black,” she said. “It’s not that I don’t want to show my real hair. It’s that the maintenance of real hair is too much … to have to curl my hair or flat iron my hair. It’s so annoying.” WireImage/Getty Images Minaj Is Really a ‘Shy’ Homebody As a female rapper who believes using the “f-bomb” has a lot of “power,” Nicki Minaj admitted there was a downside to being caught up in the fame bubble. “I’m already a shy person,” she told ABC’s Juju Chang. “I don’t really like crowds, really.” The worst part about becoming so famous, Minaj said, is that the attention has made her more of a “recluse.” “Sometimes I want to just pull the off switch, but you can’t because if you go outside, you have to give people your all. You can’t say, ‘Oh, you know what? I’m not feeling good today.’ No. No one’s trying to hear that.