Simon Cowell’s Baby Drama Will Have Lasting Effects On Innocent Little Boy

Cowell decided to back the show, which pokes fun at him and the talent show, after originally having doubts about the project. While he has said he is leaving the creative work to the show’s team, he is understood to have had a hand in the casting. Portraying him in the show is Nigel Harman, a former star of U.K. soap opera EastEnders who last year won an Olivier Award for playing Lord Farquaad in Shrek the Musical. He previously joined the cast of Downton Abbey for its fourth season, which is scheduled to air here later this year. “I didn’t want to do a musical that we took too seriously,” the Guardian quoted Cowell as saying Monday. “The X Factor is a serious show, but it’s also a fun show, and I like Harry’s sense of observation. The big thing for me was the songs, were the songs going to be good or not.” “Cowell was the butt of many jokes — mostly about lovechilds and yachts,” the paper wrote Tuesday about the three songs previewed for attendees of Monday’s event. “I get it in the neck throughout, and it’s constantly evolving this story, and I don’t care,” the Guardian quoted Cowell as saying. The musical focuses on a young woman who lives in a caravan with a talking dog and finds fame on the show. “I honestly thought this is the worst idea I have ever heard,” said Sean Foley, who will direct the musical, according to the paper. “It just sounded like a terrible cash-in thing.” Quipped Cowell: “We’ve never done that.” Among the three songs previewed Monday night was one entitled “Please Simon,” in which show candidates seek Cowell’s approval.

And Istayed.” Like TV Burp, it will mercilessly take the mickey, but not in a cruel way, said Hill. Steve Brown, who has written the music and lyrics, said: “It would be a bit self defeating to just send up something you absolutely loathe. We are highlighting some of the more ridiculous aspects of it but it would be a really depressing brief for us if all the time we were grinding our teeth thinking I hate this. It is done with affection.” Cowell was asked if anything was off-limits like Dannii Minogue or babies. “Dannii? Dannii?” joked Cowell of his one-time fellow judge and a woman he had an affair with. “I didn’t want to do a musical that we took too seriously. The X Factor is a serious show but it’s also a fun show and I like Harry’s sense of observation. The big thing for me were the songs, were the songs going to be good or not.” Cowell was the butt of many jokes mostly about lovechilds and yachts at the press launch at Rada Studios but he took them in good spirit, even answering questions about his absurdly high trouser waistline. “They are not that high any more,” he said. “They used to be.” Although he was at a loss to say why.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman Are Expecting a Boy, Says Source

Lauren is preggo with Simon’s baby and Andrew is quite obviously infuriated and — WAIT … Can we stop the madness for a minute and remember that there is a 7-year-old boy in the middle of all of this? You see, Lauren and Andrew have a son. So while Simon is supposedly making all sorts of claims that his love child is going to want-for-nothing (and what — should we applaud him for that? Is taking responsibility for your actions that big of a shock today?) — there is another potential battle that will involve Simon’s baby mama — and this one could have lasting implications. You see, apparently some think Andrew is going to try to get sole custody of their son . Claiming Lauren isn’t a good mom … since she is constantly off hanging with celebs, among other things. I am sure Andrew will come up with more than that — and he will have high powered attorneys to help make his claim. I only hope that while he fights this public battle with Lauren, he doesn’t put their son in the middle out of spite and anger. This is the part of these public free-for-alls that just break my heart. Because while everyone is trying to figure out what’s going on, a little boy is about to have his entire world turned upside down.

Harry Hill’s X Factor musical has it in for Simon Cowell

Simon and Lauren are expecting a baby boy, a source close to the X Factor judge tells PEOPLE. So how is Cowell, 53, feeling after learning that his first child will be a son? Simon couldnt be happier, says the source. He is just so excited. All he talks about is the baby. Lauren and the baby are doing great. Cowell certainly looked happy when he was photographed holding hands with Silverman, 36, while spending time together in France last month. Simon very much enjoyed their vacation, the source says. The baby is bringing him and Lauren even closer its just amazing to see Simon this happy. Lauren and the baby have really changed his life for the better. And, as usual, hes not afraid to speak his mind: I feel very paternal right now, Cowell said in a recent interview with The Times of London . So I am very happy. Lee Hernandez

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are expecting baby boy together, we brace ourselves for mini Si

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are expecting a baby boy. Copyright [Splash] And now further news of Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman s baby has arrived, they’re expecting a boy. A source close to Lauren, 36, and Simon, 53, revealed the news to New York Daily News Confidential. They said: “He is over the moon to be having a son.” We bet he is. Knowing the X Factor creator; hell probably name him Simon Jnr and have him on one of his judging panels by his first birthday. Simon recently spoke out about the happy news that he is to be a father to The Times on Monday. Simon Cowell admitted that he is looking forward to becoming a father. Copyright: [Splash] He said: I went to see a scan today and it is just surreal. You literally see this thing which is now alive moving around. I feel very paternal right now. The music mogul also told BBC Radio One recently that he believes he is a natural with children. He explained: I am good with kids because I like kids. I really do like them and I listen to them.