The do’s and Don’ts for escorts in London

For greatest success in the London escort service, you have to know a few things. Like any other business, there are strong and weak points. Make use of the strong points to build a niche for yourself. You should post exact details of yourself but wisely. As you will find out in this article, it’s not all information that you give out freely. Since London escorts train well on what to do, I will dwell on the don’ts.

If you are new in the escorts business don’t ever tell your clients.

Most of the escort clients will without doubt prefer newbies due to their fresh state. While this may sound like a good idea to earn yourself attention, it’s not! Take caution most clients like newbies for they are easily manipulated. Clients will take advantage of the fact that you don’t know much. They know too well that you are not familiar with the procedure. To avoid any regrets, tell them you are a professional and have been in the industry for long. Though it might sound rude lying to clients, it saves you from the potential danger.

Never give any information on your home or address.

Sometimes conversation with a client gets personal. If it comes to this, avoid disclosing personal information. You should especially not give any information that hints on where you live. Some clients might have stalking tendencies. To keep up your privacy, give very little information about your home place if any. This extends to your profile on London escort agency website as well. Do not give your address as background information. Anyone with malicious intent could use this information to find you.

Avoid exposing your real name in your escort profile.

To avoid being traced, give different names. However, you should give a valid email address for communication purposes. Giving a valid email address doesn’t mean giving your personal address. No! You can create a new email account just for registering at the London escort agency website. To keep it as private as possible don’t give even one of your real names. It is wise that you change both names.

Never show greed for money.

While it is a fact that  some escorts in London provide service for money, don’t show it too much. With time you will find that you earn respectable amount of money. Let your client know that you are at work. If he asks for an extension tell him you are on schedule. This way he will learn to respect your time and pay good money for extensions. On the other hand, if you beg him to extend you will sound desperate. This way, you are prone to being take advantage of.

Don’t do everything willingly.

When filling in your profile London escort agencies website , you write what you are capable of. When clients hire you they know exactly what to expect. The truth is that an high class London escort should do anything to make clients happy. Nonetheless, take your time, doing everything without hesitations could send all the wrong signs. Make the client understand what you can offer. If he insists, go about it wisely and you even earn a few extra coins.

Conceal your insecurities from your client.

To enjoy a thriving London a escort business, highlight only your positive traits. Make your profile as enticing as possible. However, as much as you want to impress avoid sugar-coating too much. If for instance you are at a loss in conversation, don’t show openly that you don’t know what your client is talking about. Make short comments and send polite signals to tell your client that you are not interested. This way, you will keep up good client relations.