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“I was never asked to justify issuances, yet you’re asked to justify refusals on an almost daily basis.” In many developing countries, a diplomat faces an almost constant stream of requests for personal favors to sob stories to outright offers of bribes for a visa, experts say. “There’s a huge amount of temptation,” said Seminara, who served in Macedonia, Trinidad and Hungary. “When you live in these countries you know how much people want visas. (Diplomats) aren’t living with blinders in these countries. They know how much these visas are worth.” In Vietnam, Sestak and his partners were able to charge up to $70,000 for a visa, an enormous sum in a country with an average annual income of $1,500. Court documents claim that Sestak’s partners found buyers through website and personal networks. The scheme targeted people who typically would be denied a visa, such as those who had previously been refused, and sought buyers in the United States who were eager to bring their relatives over. The USA has a Vietnamese population of over 1.5 million, almost all of whom are first- and second-generation Americans. Advocates for the Asian-American community say the current immigration law exacerbates the problem of visa fraud, making it more difficult for families to reunite in the United States. “The fact that this type of fraud could occur at all really shows the lengths to which people are willing to go to gain entry to the U.S.,” said Jacinta Ma, deputy director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a Washington D.C.-based advocacy group. “We think that fixing the immigration system will help people get to the United States legally, because currently there is more incentive to thwart our immigration system when the system just seems unfair and broken.” In 2012, 86% of immigrant visas issued for Asian countries were family-based.

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Meanwhile, inside the locker room you can say a little party went off, said Alejandro Bedoya. We had some good fun with some champagne and all that. It was a relief, we were all sitting there watching the game. It was a little nervy, said Landon Donovan. The assumption was that regardless of what happens were going to qualify but you want it finalized. DaMarcus Beasley emerged from the tunnel first, wearing only a towel around his waist and a white t-shirt that read Qualified, running at the fans and spraying champagne from a bottle. Behind him followed his peers, mostly barefoot, spraying beer on each other and into the bouncing stands. They sang; they danced. They formed a circle and shoved captain Clint Dempsey into their midst. Deuce is the captain of our ship! they sang as he frenetically hopped about and pulled his shirt off. The relief was palpable. It had been a treacherously winding road. The Americans had been utterly unconvincing in the semifinal round of World Cup qualifying, trying to execute and adjust to newish head coach Jurgen Klinsmanns tactics, methods and wishes. The final round began with a disheveling 2-1 loss at Honduras. POLL Who was the best USA player vs. Mexico? Tim Howard Landon Donovan Other Ahead of their next two games, a minor mutiny seemed to break out, as a dozen or so players anonymously griped to Sporting News about all the changes Klinsmann had brought.