Will Smith’s ‘after Earth’ Apocalypse: Who Loses Most

Family Issues: The Smith family’s efforts to make stars of daughter Willow and Jaden might be too much, too soon. “The Barrymores got really close to what I see in my head for my family,” Smith told the Associated Press. But execs and talent reps say making Jaden the lead in After Earth — conceived as the first in a trilogy — was a mistake. “What are you doing, putting your kid out there like that?” says a source. “Just because it’s your DNA?” Scientology Taint: Smith has kept his links to the religion much quieter than has buddy Tom Cruise. But with After Earth, media reports and reviews, including The New York Times’ pan of the film, described perceived Scientology themes. Smith told New York that he and his son are “students of world religion,” but a prominent producer says After Earth “opened the door to this generally well-hidden [connection with] Scientology.” He’s an Expensive Taste: No one is writing off Smith, though some say he may have to accept lower fees. “His deal is an absolute impediment to making money for the studios,” says a knowledgeable source, adding that for MiB3, he collected about $100 million of its $624 million gross. Warner Bros. chief Jeff Robinov, who has Smith in the upcoming Winter’s Tale and the in-development Focus, says he is “really confident about Will. We all have movies that don’t work, but at the end of the day, Will is incredibly talented.” STORY:Box Office Report: Will Smith’s ‘After Earth’ Loses to ‘Now You See Me’ in Major Misstep Shyamalan Fallout: He was damaged before After Earth; he left CAA for WME in 2011, apparently partly in response to CAA’s efforts to dissuade Smith from hiring him. One source says Shyamalan will have to try “very, very small, under-$10 million movies” and “just try to rebuild.” He still has the Fox limited series Wayward Pines with Matt Dillon and Melissa Leoset for spring 2014. Sony’s Damage: Most don’t think After Earth will affect the thinking of the studio’s parent, despite pressure by investor Dan Loeb to spin off assets.

Could Will Smith return for ‘Independence Day 2’ after all?

He wasn’t as good in a Week 2 loss to the New England Patriots last Thursday, completing just 15 of 35 passes for 214 yards, with three interceptions — all thrown in the fourth quarter. The rookie said it took him “about a day” to get over the loss to the Pats, but now he’s looking forward. “Ive moved on from it, still confident, and prepared for this upcoming week,” he said. He also admitted that his right ankle, which he rolled in the Jets’ first preseason game back in August, hasn’t fully healed yet. “Its getting there, day by day,” Smith said. “Not quite 100 [percent] yet, but it’ll be there soon.” The Jets don’t have very attractive options at quarterback beyond Smith. Matt Simms , currently listed as the backup, has never played in an NFL regular-season game, and the third-stringer is journeyman Brady Quinn . But ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported Sunday that Simms has some supporters within the Jets organization. Within Jets organization, QB Matt Simms has some real support to play. Should Geno Smith struggle, worth watching. Smith responded to that in an interview on ESPN NY 98.7 FM later Monday . “Adams doing his job, and Im pretty sure whatever he put out there, he probably got some information,” Smith said. “But I can tell you one thing. Within this organization, from my coaches right down to [GM] John [Idzik], Rex, all those guys — I dont think they would have brought me in here if they didnt see the potential in me.” “Matt, I think is a really good quarterback,” Smith added. “But I think Im the guy for the job.” As for Sanchez, he told NFL Network last week that he beat out Smith in their training-camp competition, prior to injuring his shoulder.

Geno Smith’s job status? Still up in air

Director says he has meeting scheduled with star By DonKaye_ParallelUniverse Sep 5, 2013 4:00PM Although Will Smith previously all but ruled out starring in a sequel to “Independence Day,” the actor may be rethinking that position. Bing: More on Will Smith | More on ‘Independence Day 2’ With director Roland Emmerich gearing up to begin production on the follow-up to his 1996 alien invasion blockbuster, actors Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman have already expressed their interest in returning. But earlier this summer, while doing press for “White House Down,” Emmerich dismissed the possibility of Smith coming back, saying he was too famous and would simply cost too much. Smith himself has seemed cool to the idea as well — but that was before “After Earth” became the first major flop of his career and one of this summer’s more high-profile bombs. How else to get back on track than returning to the franchise that all but made him a movie star in the first place? That may be exactly what Smith is thinking, because Emmerich has now told Digital Spy (via Slashfilm ) with regards to Smith’s involvement, “It’s changing every month. I sometimes say no, Will Smith will not be in it because he didn’t want to do it at first. Now we have a meeting planned, where we want to talk about it again. Anything can happen.” Having a meeting is a long way from signing to star in the film, so there are still excellent odds that Smith won’t be interested. But the fact that he is taking a meeting with Emmerich about the project could mean that he’s at least leaving the door open to return. Meanwhile, Emmerich revealed that the previously announced release date of July 3, 2015 could get pushed back by a year: “I will make it either for 2015 or ’16…Probably right now, as it looks, ’16.” That’s not a bad idea. Not only is 2016 the 20th anniversary of the original movie, but it gets the sequel away from the ticking time bomb that is the 2015 release schedule, which already includes confirmed and tentative releases like “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Man of Steel 2,” “Pirates of the Caribbean 5,” “Fantastic Four,” “Jurassic Park 4” and possibly “Star Wars Episode VII.” Will “Independence Day 2” be better if Will Smith comes back on board? Sound off atMSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter .